Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade your Laptop

Many businesses are stuck with laptop computers that were purchased in the past five years, mainly because they have no idea when to replace them.

If your company is still running on a Windows XP or Vista platform, it’s time to upgrade! Not only will you receive an improved user experience and increased speed but also a more reliable laptop in general.

There are many reasons to upgrade your business laptops, including reduced costs on Windows 8 licenses, increased security, and the ability to use touch screen capabilities.

Laptop technology has advanced a lot in recent years with the introduction of new operating systems such as Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows 8 which make it possible for users to connect any tablet or phone unit to their laptops. Here are Top 10 reasons to upgrade your laptop:

1 Upgrade Windows 7 Laptop because of Windows 8 License Costs

The release of Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8, has given many businesses the opportunity to upgrade their computer systems while still staying with the same company. This will be possible due to lower license costs. With the licensing of Windows XP and Vista prices continuing to rise, businesses will now be able to purchase Windows 8 licenses for as low as $50 per computer per year through volume licensing.

2 Upgrade your laptop for increased security

The days of using simple passwords on your laptop are long gone with the use of new security software and fingerprint scanners. Although security software is available to protect your current laptop, the new operating system will increase the overall protection of your laptop and data by utilizing Windows Defender and BitLocker. These programs work together to not only keep malware out but also reduce the risk of unauthorized access which protects information on your laptop from hackers or other outside sources.

3 Upgrade your laptop to use touch screen capabilities

With the introduction of Windows 8, there is a large focus on touch screens and an increase in their overall usage. So if you want to keep up with current technology and increase productivity among your employees, it’s time to upgrade your laptop. Windows 8 has designed the OS to make touch screens a primary focus in its new features. The introduction of this technology in the workplace has encouraged more businesses to use tablets and laptops with touch screen capabilities.

4 Upgrade your laptop to take advantage of business apps

Windows 8 introduces many useful business-related apps such as Maps, Photos, Mail and Calendar, Weather, and Reader. These apps are great for standard business use and will help improve your productivity, efficiency, and overall work results.

5 Upgrade your laptop to reduce costs of traditional PC support

Although many of the devices in use today contain different parts, if you have a Windows 8 based device it will have a commonality similar to other Microsoft products. This will reduce the time it takes to replace parts and provide faster support for business-related issues.

6 Upgrade your laptop to take advantage of current technology advancements

There are many new technologies being introduced in today’s market, including USB 3.0 support, touch screens with high-quality displays, configurations that include solid-state drives (SSD), and a decrease in their overall weight. Keep up with the technology being used in today’s market by upgrading to Windows 8

7 Upgrade your laptop to keep up with business requirements

Many businesses are required to meet certain requirements set forth by their industry which include providing laptops that contain specific features depending on the tasks needed for work. In some cases, if a business is required to have laptops with specific features, it would be necessary for them to upgrade from their current Windows 7 laptop to a new one running the latest operating system.

8 Upgrade your laptop to allow compatibility of peripherals

Along with new technology being introduced, there are also new accessories that will be compatible with the new operating system. The introduction of Windows 8 will also allow compatibility to older peripherals such as printers and scanners as well as give you access to a much larger library of peripheral accessories to choose from.

9 Upgrade your laptop for improved support for business software

Many businesses use a desktop or server-based applications that may require a certain version of Windows in order to be compatible. By taking advantage of the upgrade program, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues and can take advantage of enhancements and improvements made for your business applications by upgrading to the new operating system.

10 Upgrade your laptop for better overall performance

Even with everything else outlined above, one of the best reasons to upgrade your laptop is due to increased performance. Windows 8 has been designed with power efficiency in mind, which will provide improved battery use and longer usage times. It will also improve boot-up times for computers that have solid-state drives installed.

For the most part, laptops are more than enough for everyday tasks. But if you’re looking to get more out of your laptop with higher performance or better battery life, upgrading is worth it

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