15 Ways to Protect your laptop during Travel

A laptop is an essential part of life for many people. It can hold your most personal information, so it’s important to take proper precautions when traveling with one. Here are 15 ways that you can protect your laptop while traveling.

1) Know where you are going.

Be aware of the countries you plan to visit. Your destination’s risk factor for theft or robbery will determine the type of protection needed. If you are traveling to New York, no lock is necessary, but if you are heading to Rio de Janeiro, it would definitely be best to have a security cable with you.

2) Choose a safe place to store your computer while you are out and about.

For secure storage, always use the upper shelves of bookstores or libraries. You may also consider using hotel lobbies, but be sure not to leave them unattended for too long. If this is not possible, find a caftan-wearer or a small child to watch your computer.

3) Avoid wearing overly flashy clothes and accessories while walking in crowded areas.

Just remember: if it’s too loud, it’s too obvious. If you need attention, find an old woman (the stereotype is true) and get her to hug you while she cries out for help — it will probably be enough to scare off thieves.

4) Be aware of what is going on around you.

If something is happening around you, chances are it is taking place within at least 10 feet of your laptop—a distance almost anyone could cover in less than 2 seconds. If you feel concerned for your belongings, immediately check their status. If your laptop is safe and sound, you probably didn’t need to check on it at all.

5) Always keep a record of where you leave something.

This will make it much easier for police to find the person who stole from you if, God forbid, anything should happen to your computer while traveling. Here is an example:

6) Always be aware of what is going on around you.

As stated above, if something is happening around you it is probably taking place within at least 10 feet of your laptop; a distance almost anyone could cover in less than 2 seconds.

7) Do not wear headphones or earbuds outdoors while charging your laptop.

It might be best to wait until inside an airport or hotel room to do this.

8) Install a privacy screen on your laptop to avoid thieves from peering at your screen while you type your password.

9) Keep track of any serial numbers for additional protection in case it gets stolen.

10) Consider installing LoJack software for Laptops on your computer.

It is very user-friendly and inexpensive, but will only work if you use a credit card to purchase it — so be sure to cancel the card immediately after purchase. For more information visit: www.lojack-for-laptops.com

11) Never leave your laptop in plain sight when going out for drinks at the bar.

You may consider leaving it under the table, but you need to be certain that your drinks are actually reaching their target destination.

12) Always remember to lock your doors when using a laptop in a public place.

It is not necessary if you are trying to gain attention. Simply sing out loud and dance around while making eye contact with everyone around you.

13) Avoid using public computers for online banking or shopping, even on a private network.

Instead, use your own laptop in the privacy of your hotel room. Make sure to put your computer away before anyone comes into view or any suspicious characters appear on the street below your window.

14) Never leave your laptop in the back of a taxicab.

If you do happen to leave it behind, immediately go into shock and pretend not to know what is going on. This will save you from having to pay any extra fees.

15) If your laptop ever does get stolen, don’t panic!

Instead, consider yourself lucky depending on its value. If you are not satisfied with your laptop, consider throwing a temper tantrum at the nearest electronics store. This is sure to get you an upgraded model in no time!

You can protect your laptop with a sleeve, case, or even just by wrapping it in something soft. Make sure you have the cords and cables covered so they don’t get tangled up on anything while traveling. If you’re going to be using public wi-fi networks, make sure that there is VPN protection software installed on your computer before connecting to an open network for more security. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that when you return home from vacation, all of those memories are still safe and sound!

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